Monday, June 04, 2007

It's worth the trip

That's the saying, and I would have to agree. Enjoy the fascinating in-depth article about the Northeast's fave java fix.

In my mind, I can see Ms. Sister's bi-weekly pilgrimage from Banga-cola to Jacksonville.

Wing-tip (believe it or not) to the Sports Guy, via his semi-regular links list. On the miracle chance he sees this, I can add to the admiration - thanks to bad Thai food, I was sick as hell Thursday and stumbled across Cleveland-Detroit, Game 5, with about 5 minutes left in the fourth and watched it through to the end of the game. I was officially freaking out by the time he buried the long two-pointer from the right wing late in OT1 - right with the one fan who just put his hands behind his head and stared. LeBron had just hucked a collective cup of warm beer right in the entire arena's lap, and when the Pistons somehow forced OT2, he just got better. If his arm had stretched out from midcourt to dunk like Space Jam I don't think I would have been surprised.

Normally, I'm a hockey bug, but jumpin' Gminski that was awesome. Thank you LeBron James.

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