Friday, June 29, 2007

This Parrot is Dead!

It's not pining for the fjords, or asleep - but DEAD!

You readers know what was in the immigration bill, and the manner in which it was thrust upon us. Here's my post-mortem:

1. McCain's presidential campaign is like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense; He's dead, but he doesn't know it yet.

2. McCainkisser Lindsey Grahamnesty's approval ratings are @ 31% in his home state. He will get a primary challenge.

3. I changed my voter registration from the GOP to No Party Affilliation when former Labor Secretary Linda Chavez called me a racist. No more working phone banks or going to rallies or standing on street corners with signs. I will never again hold my nose to vote for some RINO.

4. The only way my hand presses the ballot screen for my Senator and McCainkisser Mel Martinez in 2010 is for it to be first hacked off my arm.

5. This circus hurt the war in Iraq. In September when the report on the surge is due, the president will need every friend he can get. And he lost quite a few this month.

6. According to Rush, GOP senators were told by their Dem counterparts to go ahead and vote for Cloture, that they would take care of talk radio. Expect some GOP senators (Trent Lott, McCain, Grahamnesty, Martinez) to back some form of the Fairness Doctrine AKA The Hush Rush Bill.

Damned right the Sisko is angry! My eyes are opened. These arrogant SOBs don't give a rat's toenail about the clear will of the people who put them in office. Remember this when these votewhores ask to be re-elected. I sure will.

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