Saturday, July 12, 2008

The economy in Tampa...

..hurts every business.
It seems the lousy economy is keeping guys away from strip clubs.
In Tampa - a city known for its adult entertainment businesses - attendance has dropped at usually thriving strip clubs.
Joe Redner, the owner of the well-known Mons Venus club, says his business is down 25%.
Angelina Spencer is national executive director of the Association of Club Executives, a group that represents adult entertainment clubs. She says she fields calls every day from strip club owners around the country feeling the pinch of a bad economy.
Spencer says entertainment is a luxury item and "one of the first things people give up."
But Redner says the economy is having another effect on the business - it's bringing out more women willing to give pole dancing a try.
When I was a youngster stationed at Dover AFB one of the civilian employees was also the chief of the local volunteer fire department. He kept trying to borrow the cars of young GIs because he didn't want his vehicle, a big red station wagon with flashing lights and "Smyrna Fire Dept" on the door seen at the strip joint.
Message to some of you cowards out there. Quit parking in the Taco Bell lot next to The Mons. Be a man and park in the Mons Venus lot. Afraid someone will see your car there?

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