Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good News and Bad News...

…about the Rays.

The good news is that Evan Longoria was the last selection for the All-Star Game. Scuttlebutt is that Bosox fans voted for him to keep Jason Giambi out of the game. He will join Scott Kazmir and Dioner Navarro in New York.

The bad news is that the Rays have lost their last seven games and as of this writing are waiting for the end of the Boston-Baltimore Game to see if they can be the first team other than the Sox or the Yanks to lead the AL East at the All-Star break since 1993.

The Spirit of God, which can still the wind and the waves has stilled the bats of the Rays, especially against lefthanders. The guys have off till Friday, when they host Toronto on Dollar Dog Night. Saturday, MC Hammer plays after the game.

Hey Fly, the Mets have won their last eight and are now among the playoff viable.

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