Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have Internet Issues @ Home

I recently moved to a larger apartment in the same complex (same rent - can't beat it) and I am having issues with my phone service. The Verizon guy came over on Wednesday but you see, the folks who schedule this failed to tell me that I needed to be there. I thought all he had to do was throw a switch outside, but I guess I was wrong.

The challenge was to get this scheduled on a day that I already was taking off work. I was already spending the morning of 7/31 @ the VA hospital for a routine tune-up and oil change. Normally Verizon splits the day in half 8am-12n and 12n-4pm. Except on the very day I needed an afternoon they could only promise me that whole day.

This is when I lost my military bearing. I reminded the Verizon scheduler that Verizon is already in trouble with the state for poor service because they are diverting resources to make a gazillion dollars installing Fios instead of taking care of the great unwashed who are only spending thirty bucks a month for basic phone service. I don't mind capitalism, but Verizon is the only choice we have for local phone hookup and it would be nice if they could take care of that before cashing in.

The doc @ the VA is going to yell at me a little. I'm supposed to lose some weight - which I haven't. But my blood sugar is okay, so I'm looking forward to that A1c number.

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