Thursday, July 31, 2008

Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla).... being investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee. And what is his crime? Did he stick bribe money in the freezer like Congressman William "Cold Cash" Jefferson? Did he get his house remodeled for free like Senator Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens?

Nein, meinem Dammen und Herren! These crimes pale in comparison to Coburn's evil deeds.

He was delivering babies for free!

Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) office hit back Monday at new attempts to prevent him from delivering babies for free, arguing the Ethics panel might as well investigate Sen. Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) cameo in “The Dark Knight.”

This scoundrel, unlike Stevens (who has been in the Senate since I was 10) wants to return to his real job someday.

Coburn, however, wants to remain a true citizen-legislator and has long argued that the Senate should allow him to keep serving his patients because he plans to return to the practice when he leaves the Senate in 2016, consistent with his pledge to serve only two terms. He would like to keep up his medical skills if he is going to continue being able to earn a living in his chosen profession.

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