Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pennants & Bracelets

Thanks to the Yankees, the Rays clinched the AL East around midnight.

I was getting a little nervous after they lost to the Tigers again. I was having flashbacks of the 1964 Phillies ("Is that Sonnenstine on the mound, or Bunning?"). Of course, you Mets fans don't have to remember that far back.

Their series vs. the Chisox or Twinkies doesn't start until Thursday, so they can set up a playoff pitching rotation.

Here's a highlight from the debate:

See Barry with his flag lapel and his bracelet. See Barry having to read the name of the deceased soldier off his bracelet because he probably put it on ten minutes before the debate started.

You can kiss the GI vote goodbye, Barry.

The McCain campaign is already writing the ad for this one.

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