Thursday, September 04, 2008


[crunching guitar riff]

So this is the end
For Obama/Biden
And the Truther brigades
She smiles like the sun
Smart with a gun
Has the brains to get the job done

She's run a town and a state
All they have is a campaign slate
They'd better watch out before it's too late -

Back in Chi-town
Barack gets down
Racists, felons, and mad bombers
Was it just wrong
Going along
If it could get him elected?

But now hope and change don't do the trick
They'll go after the children, quick
They're gonna sling that mud nice and thick
At the Sarahcuda

Sell me, sell you lies and dread
Try to save their lefty cred
With Kos Kids and the DU

Silly fools!

[bitchen guitar solo]

Well the hope and change is faux
It's lookin' bad for the Big O
They're gonna crash and burn at the polls
Ooooh.... Sarahcuda!

Darn it, Rush probably already did it better, but I may as well put it out there. Apologies if it's already been done - and thanks to Rachl Lukis! for the new nickname of our completely awesome VP candidate. (And the video at that link? First - language alert. Second - no beverages while watching. It's brilliant.)

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