Tuesday, March 10, 2009

As seen on Facebook

And now, as seen on SportsCenter - a Philadelphia Eagles day employee got himself sacked via his online activities.

A couple of weeks ago the Eagles bade goodbye to safety Bryan Dawkins. Day employee Dan Leone wasn't happy about that, and went to his Facebook page to grouse. Now, a public dig on one's employer is probably unwise anyway, but in the infamous words of Robert Downey Jr, he went "full retard" - as in, that's what he called the Eagles. They bounced him for it.

Dan has just learned why so many choose a nom de cyber out here in the WWW. On the bright side, now he can blog about the Iggles to his heart's content. On the downside - he's 32 years old and got himself fired via Facebook, which is kind of lame. (Hopefully this was a sideline and not his actual factual full-time work, since 8-10 workdays a year is hardly enough unless one is actually lining up besides Dawkins.)

Irony alert - after this story, the SportsCenter I saw ran an ad with the ubiquitous Billy Mays for their ESPN360 service. "Now you can watch sports right from your computer! The secret is in the Internet connection!" It was a funny spot, but it's odd that a story about a guy getting fired for online activity gives way to an advert where people say "Sports at work is a lot better than work at work!"

Good story on this from Kevin at Barry Melrose Rocks, normally a hockey blog, but hey - it's good to branch out. (Great picture, too... I love how the guy is posing with a keyboard, all serious. It looks like an album cover: This is my axe, and this is my music! )

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