Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Seeking the Witch of Endor

Our local fish wrap has a front page above the fold story about the economic crisis causing folks to seek help in unconventional places.
Some people ask about their jobs - whether they'll find one or they'll lose the one they've got.

Others fret about making the mortgage or salvaging their 401(k).

"You can just see the look on their face," says Cissy Mercer, a spiritual healer in St. Petersburg. "They're kind of scattered and all uptight, which is normal with the economy like it is.

"They're worried. We all are."

So worried, they're flocking to Mercer and other Tampa Bay area psychics and mediums for guidance that used to come from career or financial advisers.

3000 years ago the King of Israel, motivated by fear, violated his own decree and sought a medium (1 Samuel 28). Apparently nothing has changed, for fearful people still seek out the supernatural.

I do not fully discount this kind of stuff. I had a pal in college who was a missionary to Indonesia, and he saw stuff over there that would be unheard of here in the USA. (Fly, do you remember the guy who came to our dorm and talked about the supernatural as an intro to the movie The Exorcist?)

Now I am sure that 99% of the spiritists, mediums, psychics in the Tampa Bay area have about as much connection to the spirit world as does the Official Puppy of the Hive. But the reason God forbids this is because it does exist.

But if you are going to go this route, make sure you go to a medium registered with the American Association of Psychics. This organization tests psychics, which is important because you want to make sure you aren’t wasting time and money on a fake, but you get a spiritual healer who actually bows the knee to a demon.

Also, make sure they have a permit with Hillsborough County.

I wonder how that psychic test goes. Must one conjure up Elvis before the Association to get licensed?

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