Friday, March 06, 2009

The Guy in the Glasses with the big ol' Bible... one of my pastors. Pastor H, known on this blog for taking Mrs H to a Rays playoff game as a wedding anniversary present.

He is in SoCal at
The Shepherds’ Conference, which is the biggest gathering of evangelical pastors of which you have never heard.

Who goes to The Shepherds’ Conference? It would be easier to say who doesn’t go. Mainstream Protestants aren’t there. Emergent guys aren’t there. Pastors who sell books at Wal-mart (Osteen, Meyer, Warren) or are being investigated by the government (Randy & Paula White, John Hagee and my man Creflo Dollar) aren’t there.

Now all these folks are more than welcome; they choose not to participate. What goes on there is five days of hard core preaching of evangelical theology. Pastor G (my other pastor, the one from the Bronx) would bring back huge books with big words like modalism and syncretism.

Sadly, many evangelicals have no interest in learning doctrine; the what and why you believe. The Curt Jester and the Creative Minority Report do a great job of chronicling Catholics in public life who misrepresent or reject key Catholic teachings. I would argue that this is a greater problem on my side of the tracks.

But that issue deserves its own post. It will probably the most offensive post I will ever write on this blog.

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