Thursday, March 05, 2009

I am a horrible person

Everywhere I look on the web, there's folks whom I've missed for a couple of weeks since I've been back - and in catching up with them, I find that without exception all of them have lost a family member or suffered some personal setback or work-related outrage.

And of course, this is all about me feeling bad for missing the news and not being able to say "I'm sorry for your pain." My condolences are extra-powerful and without them these poor souls are bereft - bereft, I say!

Oh - don't believe me? Well, why did all this lousy stuff go down when I wasn't around? Huh? Because my preventative powers weren't available, that's why. Because my all-important and oh-so-amazing widdle feewings are THE determiner of other people's reality. I could prove it, too, if those folks with the white coats would just stop sticking me with needles for a few hours.

Worrying more about how I appear to others, rather than how they feel, is what makes me such a horrible person. Simple math, friends. Please accept my honest condolences and well-wishes, forgive me my horribleness, and thanks as always for reading.

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