Monday, March 16, 2009

Cry Me a River!

Like I'm going to be laying awake at night worrying about this.
TAMPA - Youssef Megahed is not charged with terrorism.

But whether the Egyptian citizen was a potential terrorist or just an innocent college student has been a central question since his arrest in South Carolina in 2007, when deputies said he and Ahmed Mohamed had pipe bombs in the trunk of their car.

Today, a federal judge will begin seating a jury to decide whether Megahed, a 23-year-old former University of South Florida student, is guilty of transporting explosives and possession of a destructive device.

Although passions have subsided since the Sept. 11 attacks, experts say it will still be a challenge to find a jury that can fairly judge a Muslim defendant.
What this story doesn't tell you is that Megahed and his buddy (who has pleaded guilty) were near a military base when they were stopped. Also, there probably won't be much in the way of protests; the local CAIR clowns already threw these guys under the bus.

I'm too much of an angry right-wing nut to have a snowball's chance in Gehenna of getting on this jury.

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