Monday, April 06, 2009

The Academy of Country Music Awards

There have always been pop artists who will dabble in country music now and then with varying success. Back in the 1970's Ray Charles put out a country album. The Eagles crossed over. Even John Denver - who was not well liked in the country music community. I remember the year that Denver won an award and Charlie Rich, the presenter, set the card that had bore Denver's name on fire after he read it.

The past five years there has been a lot of crossover by pop musicians. Kid Rock, Sheryl Crowe, Bon Jovi, even Springsteen had videos on Country Music Television. Not to forget the guy with the number one song in the country right now, former Hootie and the Blowfish singer
Darius Rucker.

I was watching the Academy of Country Music Awards last night when Billy Ray Cyrus came up to introduce the next act. Now before Billy Ray was Miley's dad he was a fairly successful country singer. In his intro he pushed the product pretty hard, mentioning his new record coming out on Tuesday and the kid's movie coming out on Friday. Then he introduced his daughter, who was going to perform.

This was actually the first time I've heard Miley Cyrus sing. And if the Lord can protect me it will be the last. Flashing lights, explosions, big stage show couldn't hide the fact that this kid can't carry a tune in a bucket. Is this what kids are buying? Most ladies in country music don't need the Britney circus act because they can sing.

Billy Ray, buddy. Last year your daughter was photographed half-nekkid by Annie Leibovitz under your supervision. Miley's what, 16? and she has a 20 year old boyfriend. Dude, you're not just her business manager, you're her DAD

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