Friday, April 03, 2009

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement…

…better known as the Uhurus.

Mr Bingley posted
this last week, and I am finally getting around to throwing in my two cents.

This is the first I have heard of the Uhurus outside of St Pete FL. They are pretty big here, but not as big as they were around 13 years ago.

You can tell by the name that they are black Marxists. They do not call themselves African American. They are Africans. No one, and I mean no one, hates whitey more than the Uhurus.

I first heard of them in October 1996 when a druggie named TyRon Lewis decided he didn’t want to get out of his car and tried to run down the St Pete cop who was standing in front of the car. The cop shot his sorry posterior dead. The Uhurus rioted for two days, which earned them a community center (which they named after the dead druggie) and some pull in the St Pete City Council.

But times have changed for the race baiting business. Last June at a graduation party a teen named Javon Dawson was firing off a gun. The St. Pete Police arrived and told him to put the weapon down. He pointed the weapon at police. Guess what happen to him?

The Uhurus screamed. They claim the kid wasn’t armed (GSR said otherwise). They wanted the state attorney to recuse himself and for Charlie Crist to pick a independent investigator. Crist, who normally panders to minorities, didn’t give these people the time of day. The cops were rightfully cleared and the Uhurus didn’t even have the guts to riot about it. I guess poor Javon won’t be getting a community center named after him.

Local politicians have discovered that there is no need to fear the Uhurus. This must be true in Oakland as well, since a ton of Dem politicians went to the memorial for the four officers this piece of dirt murdered.

Normal race baiters like the Revvums Al and Jesse stay clear of the Uhurus. All they can do is whine. They have no political pull whatsoever.

And thank God for that

Unlike the Philly group MOVE, the Uhurus haven't sworn off indoor toilets.

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