Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rest in peace

This is horrible news.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two other people were killed early Thursday by a suspected drunk driver just hours after the rookie made his first start of the season.
A minivan driven by one Andrew Gallo ran a red light and plowed the car in which Adenhart rode as a passenger, killing him, a second passenger, and the driver. A third passenger is still in critical condition. Gallo promptly bailed and tried to flee on foot, only to be caught thirty minutes later.

Yeah, instead of staying to help, or at least calling 911, he took off. (update - in doing so, he also abandoned his own passenger, who was injured in the collision.) He tested over the legal limit. He's done so before, according to the story, and was driving on a suspended license when he ran through the light and killed three young people.

On top of all that, a fan of the Angels' has just died of injuries received in a fight at the stadium on opening day.

There aren't enough words in me to describe how sad this all is, and how angry I am at that incredibly selfish and careless snot driving the van.

updated... with a great interview with Adenhart by Rich Lederer of the always-excellent Baseball Analysts. AND, with the "winoism" tag, as per Spider's comment.

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