Monday, March 07, 2005

Ahead of the Curve

A few days ago, Mr. Bingley of Coalition of the Swilling sparked a debate about Ms. Emma Perez. She celebrated replacing the disgraced Ward Churchill with a curious rant.

Your humble bug posted the following waaaay down there in the commments section:

Ms. Perez should be thanking the VRWC. Having enforcable standards means that even the pompous blowhards have to have some credentials as scholars and teachers. My question is, why isn't she in favor of such standards? Is it ideology? If so, I think her entire article is a long, boring exercise in projecting her faults onto others.

If there really was a cabal against CU, it would go after
the president of the university, who has failed to sack Gary Barnett for perfidy within the football program, to say nothing of the ongoing scandal regarding Katie Hnida.

The entire University is a little... troubled.

Five days later, what to my wondering eyes should appear in the Rocky Mountain News? Yup, Ms. Hoffman has shown herself the exit. Another pelt on the wall, baby...

In a related development, this time courtesy of the Tree-Hugging Sister:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Boeing Co. Monday said it fired Chief Executive Harry Stonecipher, after a probe into a personal relationship he had with a female executive that it said ``reflected poorly'' on the No. 1 U.S. aircraft maker.

So let's recap - it takes MONTHS for a disgraced college president to accept responsibility for her school's rogue football program. (The head coach, by contrast, is STILL THERE.) So is this the the fault of the eeeeeevil Uncles Moneybag who run the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?. Would these be the same Plutocrat Pantloads who just canned one of their own for the same behavior?

Mr. Stonecipher, however, has the requisite odd surname and attitude towards women; I hereby nominate him to replace Kofi Annan in the UN.

By the way... if this keeps up, the Coalition is a lock for a permanent link.

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