Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Crappy New Jersey™, Schiavo edition

For the first time I can remember, 101.5-FM morning host Jim Gearhart has gone out of state and taken an hour of calls about Terri Schiavo. He hasn't been so bad, either; he admits that he hasn't done a lot to keep up with the case, since his job is "poking under all the rocks" locally. His callers have been a little bananas, however.

Gearhart at one point mentioned that Terri's parents, the Schindlers, have been denied permission to feed her by hand, for fear that Terri will choke to death. This struck him as silly, leading to this gem from a caller: "Choking to death is worse than starving to death." Gearhart instantly replied, "Have you ever choked to death?" "Twice!" the caller shot back, before correcting herself.

Another caller said, of Michael Schiavo, "This poor man has suffered enough." Yeah, you know, because his wife is starving to death and there's nothing he can do about it.

Nearly all the callers have repeated the "brain dead" line, as if the testimony of the nurses caring for Terri is as inadmissable to them as it has been to Judge Greer. The news crew on the radio have insisted on using the accurate "brain damaged" in their own reports, meaning the callers aren't even listening to the radio station they're calling.

The new news is that a federal judge, ruling as permitted under the new Congressional action, has denied a motion to replace Terri's feeding tube. (An interesting side note - the author of this AP article has written before about the Schiavo case, more than once.)


Mr. Bingley said...

101.5 drives me nuts. i hate all the screaming djs, and since we moved from cranbury i don't care about disabled cars on rt 130 in hamilton.

jorge said...

i was just gonna say, the only reason i listen to 101.5 is for the traffic report, the dj's make me want to drive to the station and beat the crap out of them and you know how i get...

Therese Z said...

If this was a just decision, then they should get the chance to feed her by hand. If the courts want to decide that the feeding tube is the extraordinary measure, but not food and water, then the Schindlers should have unlimited ability to work with Terri.

She swallowed pudding, Jello and thick liquids in the past, and she swallows a normal amount of saliva a day, there's hope. It would be a lovely miracle and a nice stick in the eye to the courts, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

All this is not new,thay have been killing people in this horrific way.
For some time, and for too long, we turned a blindeye to it. I believe more than ever that God is using Terri to open our eyes to the pitfalls of this sinful Nation,and to gather us closer to Him; as we must in these last days.