Friday, March 18, 2005

Into the sunset...

You may have guessed from the name "Nightfly" that I am not a creature of the morning. Today, however, the radio morning show got me up early with some startling news: George Taber is retiring.

Mr. Taber is the man behind the New Jersey Business Report (20 minutes to the hour all morning) and driving force behind
NJ Biz, but all across New Jersey he is most famous for his unique rendering of the radio's call sign: "New Jersey, one-oh-one....POINT...fiiiiiive!"

There's a twist - this icon of the business community is going to Rhode Island because he can't afford to STAY in New Jersey. His property taxes alone are $17,000 a year, as compared to $4,000 where he's going.

You already know
how I feel about the government of Crappy New Jersey™. For now I want to join the many people calling in with tributes to Mr. Taber. You know the tune - click the link on the bottom of this page.
Here he comes!
Here comes George Taber
He's an expert on deals
He's the expert so you'd better be listening each morning
The Biz Report is on, you'd better look alive
It's only on NJ 101 POINT fiiiive!
And when you want to know about the world of work
You'll bet your life George Taber will see you through
Go! George Taber
Go! George Taber
Go! George Taber, go!
The savvy business folks tune in to get the inside track
On mergers, layoffs, acquisitions, and the fiscal facts
Success is waiting just ahead!
Go! George Taber
Go! George Taber
Go! George Taber, go!

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