Thursday, March 31, 2005

Faithful to the last

A little further from home, but close to the heart, news of His Holiness in what could be his final illness. Wing tip to Mr. Bingley - with whom I agree; I also hope John Paul II pulls through it. But you can see why the Barking Spider calls him "Pope Rock and Roll" - he still appeared at the window overlooking St Peter's Square, and blessed the crowd, and tried to speak. He is running the good race, and keeping the faith.

In your and my lifetime he will be known as John Paul the Great, Doctor of the Church. God grant us another such champion soon; we are in sore need.


The Barking Spider said...

Catholics will not be the only ones who will mourn Pope Rock 'n Roll's passing. JPII was a major factor in the defeat of communism, and for that alone every free person owes him thanks.

Death with dignity? JPII is showing all of us how it's done.

Mr. Bingley said...

yep. i'm not a catholic, yet there is much that i admire in jp2. his firm leadership of the church, and his firmness against communism, truly are inspirational.