Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gary Bettman Must Be Stopped

The NHL hasn't dropped a puck since June 7, 2004 - although they have collectively dropped the ball. People are so desperate that two Boston companies offered to buy the entire league.

I have a counter-proposal: they can buy our deck hockey league instead.

About 45 minutes ago, my captain called to inform me that the owners of our rink,
RexPlex, have closed their doors. We've been locked out. (It explains why the web page hasn't been updated in three weeks.) All you have to do is call our commissioner at 1-877-739-7539. Dial extension 238. Here it is, in print:

You've reached RexPlex. Today is Friday, March 4. I've just been informed by the owners that we have been evicted from the property, and the place is closing down. Obviously, it screws up a lot of stuff that's going on. I'm going to try to figure out a way to finish out the season, maybe at another facility somewhere. ... I will get in touch with everyone in every sport I'm involved with... Thank you.
It's not just the four different hockey leagues that are royally hosed. There were indoor soccer leagues, flag football (on a 2/3-sixed outdoor field), two skate parks, and basketball. They hosted concerts and paintball.

I can't even think rationally right now. This sucks out loud. I have the glassy eyes and giggly laugh of a man about to cross the midwest on a killing spree. I can't watch hockey, I can't play hockey - I can't even SIMULATE hockey because my PC corrupted the save files on my NHL 2004. Must... cross-check... landlord...


Anonymous said...

Q.~What sucks even more than not being able to watch or play hockey???

A.~Not having a job to go to anymore. :*-(

~jobless scorekeeper
eryn lynn

nightfly said...

Eryn! I'm sorry... We're gonna miss you at games. I hope you're doing well in classes.

PS - thanks for reading!