Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Now playing on ABC

...the series finale of NYPD Blue. Some observations:
  1. This has always been a great show, despite Dennis Franz' tuchus.
  2. Clichés? Nah. I just reached out to the guy, you know, maybe do him a solid, and he jammed me up!
  3. Again, I ask... have the New Orleans Saints fired Detective Medavoy yet?
  4. Odds that Sipowitz dies in the finale - 5 to 1.
  5. Odds that he sees someone else die - 3 to 2.
  6. Odds that he chews out/gets chewed out - 2 to 1.
  7. Odds that the station house blows up - 7 to 1.
  8. Odds that a skell lawyers up - 1 to 5.

It's not a show I've been able to follow start to close. I was a Jimmy Smits guy, mostly; I catch reruns of everything else when I can. When it's on top of its game, it's as well-written as anything I've seen on TV.

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