Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Steve Dallas Theory

Via Dan Flynn, the news of the inevitable lawsuit for failing to issue warnings about the tsunami. Note that the plaintiffs don't seek damages, but only want evidence to be preserved, in case there's damages to be had later. And they have the sense to sue the Thai government and a bunch of other people, not just the NOAA.

Would that some others have similar sense. Tim Blair's got the scoop on Rachel Corrie's folks, who have decided that her misguided attempt to tackle a bulldozer was, in fact, the fault of the company that built it. Unlike the island of Sri Lanka, Ms. Corrie could have gotten out of the way, but that makes no odds.

Famed lawyer Steve Dallas had this sort of thinking pegged back in '86, when Sean Penn broke his back. Whom Should I Sue? The answer - NOT Penn (because he'd break more of Steve), not Opus ... but the CAMERA COMPANY! "A faceless corporation with gobs of liquid cash, clearly negligent for failing to place warning stickers on its products: 'Do Not Use on Psychopathic Drunken Celebrities.'"

Caterpillar gots the dough, so they gets the subpoena. Personal Responsilibity? No money in that.

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