Monday, August 22, 2005

Choose your poison

In my youth, scientists were fond of warning that some or other basic compound had caused cancer in lab rats. Saccharine was a big one; I believe they also slapped that rap on aspartame. But it wasn't just artificial sweeteners.

Now, courtesy of the Energy Fiend, you can be your own lab rat! Find out how much of your favorite beverage it would take to deliver a fatal dosage of caffiene. (w/t to the Corner.)

In honor of Fry from Futurama, who drank 100 cups of coffee in one episode, I took the test. Either coffee is slightly weaker now, or I outweigh him a bit: my max is 105 cups. (Then again, Fry didn't die either. His bio indicates that he has an enormous capacity for caffiene.) Some others from the list, computed for my weight:

Arizona Green Tea - 281.5 bottles. I love this stuff. Note to self - moderation.
Dr Pepper - 275 cans. Your turn to buy, Muley.
Barq's root beer - 512 cans. It has bite, but not as much as...
Mello Yello - 221 cans. A blast from my past strikes back.
Peach Snapple - 357.5 bottles. Long before that, though, the preservatives get you.
Red Bull - 141 cans will give you wings that don't come off.
Espresso - 113 shots. With Sambuca? What a way to go...

update, 4:35 pm - apparently it's spelled "Fry." I think that it just doesn't look right without that "e". On the bright side, he and Leela may be the most famous couple since Mulder and Scully to go exclusively by their last names. (And five points to the first commenter who remembers the first name of Binkley from "Bloom County.")


Muley said...

I have been drinking Dr Pepper since I was weaned, aand as anyone who knows me knows, it is my favorite beverage. When I breathe my last breath, the last drink I will have put through my lips will most likely be a Dr Pepper.

However, Muley does try to drink as many Dr Peppers as he can without caffeine, so probably half the DP I down is Caffeine-free. So hopefully, I'm safe from caffeine-induced death, seeing as how I only drink about 100 DPs a day, and half of those caffeine-free. That's an estimate, you understand.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Michael...
Marina from Jersey

Dave J said...

I like Barq's. OTOH, ewwww, Dr Pepper is just nasty. I remember one late night near th very end of a legislative session, packed into the war rroom between the Speaker's office and the House chamber, standing-room-only with a bunch of other staffers, and the only thing left in the fridge was DIET Dr Pepper.

It was truly a little slice of Hell, I tell you.

Cullen said...

Well, it would take 171.42 cups of coffee to put me down. Thank God!! I now know not to have that last .42!

nightfly said...

Five points for Marina! And congrats to you Cullen, as you appear to have been the Hive's 500th visitor in the Site Meter Era. Thank you!