Thursday, August 11, 2005

Click on through to the other side

Cartoonist Chris Muir is using his excellent platform for cancer awareness. Go to the page and "Clik4Cathy," either here or using the button on his site.

In brief, cancer ablation eliminates growths by extremes of heat or cold. (It's not all that farfetched - think of a doctor freezing off a wart.) This particular site talks about using Radio Frequency Ablation, generating the heat via microwaves.

"RFA is especially appropriate for patients who cannot tolerate surgery," according to the site. This got me thinking about young Tylor Lauck - if you've been following this story from Trevor Romain's blog, or from the frequent mentions over at the Dawn Patrol, you know that this 14-year old boy has great spirit trapped in a frail form. His doctors have certainly considered all the most plausible treatments, but... It would be good to mention this option out loud somewhere, even on (say) lunch hour.

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