Thursday, August 25, 2005

PC Football

No, not this kind. Sluggo's been on the case since the NCAA decided that certain nicknames weren't polite enough, and that certain schools would be banned from postseason play if they didn't change things.

Florida State challenged and the NCAA 'let' them keep "Seminoles." Big whoop. They're still trying to push the ban elsewhere. Why is that?

St. Paul knew back when the home side wore this on their helmets - love of money. FSU is a football factory. The NCAA doesn't make a hell of a lot of money running a bowl with the Delware Fighting Blue Hens. (Ingrid Newkirk, call your office. I'm feeling the "Animals Are Not Ours to Mascot" website.) As a result, it's too much trouble to go after them on the principle of banning offensive stereotypes. But when it comes to the Illini, or the Fighting Sioux? Suddenly principles matter, eh?

(In a related note, Siouxsee and the Banshees will no longer be performing halftime at the Gatorade Winn-Dixie Bowl, sponsored by Jiffy Lube.)

If the NCAA thinks this fools anyone, they've been hitting the firewater a little heavy. They are crass opportunists who exploit young people for their own profit, knowing full well that most kids won't ever see dime one from their collegiate effort. They even admit it, in a series of heartwarming black-and-white ads in which the athletes remind us that 95% of them "go pro in something other than sports." Then again, the system also benefits the colleges financially, which is why FSU didn't tell the NCAA "Stuff it, we'll start our own intercollegiate organization. Anyone want to come with?"

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Anonymous said...

I want to name a team "The fighting filthy scum-sucking polecats". Think it would pass muster?