Friday, August 12, 2005


Mike Cameron will have surgery to set the broken bones in his face, following the collision yesterday in San Diego.

I hope he makes a full recovery, and not just because he's a favorite player. In the meantime, I owe an explanation to everyone I confused yesterday. Understand - I had no idea that the game was a re-broadcast. The Mets were in San Diego. I didn't think twice about the sunshine and wasn't really paying attention until Cameron and Beltran smashed into each other. Believe me, it was bad: worse than anything from tonight's Jets-Lions football game. So I dashed online, and promptly broke a four-hour news story.

However, I did get something a little right, something that the broadcasters missed - Cameron is a center fielder playing out of position. Every bit of his training says "Go for everything I can reach." So he didn't think twice about diving for the ball at the same time Beltran did. The last time such a thing happened to the Mets, it was also two center fielders playing at the same time, Mookie Wilson out of position in left and Lenny Dykstra in center.


rhapsody said...

Think I remember seeing Mookie Wilson play years ago...
My oldest has an autographed Gary Carter baseball card from 1986 :)
Off topic-
Have you and some of your friends linked over at a blog I just started-
Let me know if you mind being linked to pink- if so, I will remove it.

Otherwise, welcome!
And thanks for your time...

Humor Girl said...

I barely caught the replay on ESPN...It looked pretty bad!?

nightfly said...

It was bad. Not bloody, but cringe-inducing. The last time I couldn't bear to watch a highlight was when I saw Napoleon Kaufman's knee get bent the wrong way on Monday Night Football.