Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh, man...

One of the problems with having two centerfielders is that both of them are hardwired to get anything they can reach. About ten minutes ago, the Mets' Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran headed out for a short flare in right-center. Each dove for the ball and piled into each other head-first.

I haven't seen something this bad since Mookie Wilson and Lenny Dykstra (also both CFs by trade) ran into each other and clonked noggins back in '87. This is worse. This is the sort of collision that the NFL would ban. Fox Sports showed one replay; Fran Healy instantly said "OK, that's enough of that."

San Diego's fans are being classy and cheering as Beltran slowly walks off the field. Willie Randolph ran out immediately and is still beside Cameron. They have the cart out for him right now and are strapping him to the board. He was moving on his own, however, so there's hope that this will turn out well in the end.

WOW - is already reporting that Cameron has broken facial bones. It would be more impressive if they weren't already calling the game a 2-1 San Diego win.

OOOHHHHHH - and it would be most impressive of all if I realized that this was a REPLAY of the game. Since they're in San Diego I thought all that sunshine was normal.

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Janet said...

You might as well have written this in another language. I seriously have nothing to add. :(