Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drove safe, having a great time

North Carolina is an interesting place.

* Back in New Jersey, nearly any two-lane country road you find is bound to run past a lot of new housing development. Down here, you can ride one of these for miles without passing another car, much less a house.

* The Target is HUGE. Ginormous, even. They have 32 checkouts and a beer and wine aisle.

* Dillard's! Sheetz! Food Lion! What brave new world, that has such regional brands in it!

* It's almost worth the extra 15 cents a gallon to pump my own gasoline.

The best part, hands down, is the hospitality. I'm not talking about the fabled "Welcome, Yankee, glad you could visit!" sort of general friendliness, though I'm glad to say that it's alive and well. In specific, we're being put up for the week by two of the Ladybug's best friends from college. They have four children and a dog are still finding room for us.

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