Thursday, April 13, 2006

When you say "Blog" then boy you've said it all

And if not, others will say it for you.

Part of me just wants to say, "Blogging is dead," and retire. Then the rest of me laughs at my pretensions. That's the point I get from it, anyway - the reminder not to be cynical and just to enjoy talking about hockey, culture, faith, more hockey, obscure video games, and what-not.

If I beat a few more pop-cult references into the ground while I'm at it, well, eh. Nobody will remember it next week, anyway, so I may as well accept the total deflation of ego and the loss of the dumb-assed expectation that I will be universally admired as the Paragon of All Things Blog. Post some quizzes, take it seriously until the thread dies, and then laugh and buy each other beers.

(w/t to Sheila)

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