Friday, April 07, 2006

Random mutterings

* Still working on the background thing, folks. Whatever I did to make it better before isn't happening now. My Firefoxers can't read half the posts I write, and Prussian Tiger and Sluggo are wondering why I've entered a blue period. I may need that drunken road trip to Norf Cackalackie. Maybe Easter week... 'Sader, do you live anywhere near Raleigh?

* Speaking of NC - a citizen thereof became the Coalition's 50,000 visitor earlier this afternoon. Congrats to the Swillers. And of course, I was 50,001. I missed by less than three minutes. Blast! (Why did I take late lunch today?)

* Many personal projects are finally moving again; in particular, one large boondoggle has finally crossed the finish line. All that's left is the mailing.

* I saw most of this game. The second period was as bad as I've seen since the Fishstick days. The Rangers pretty much moved the puck at will and created excellent chances nearly every shift. The Isles' only solid stretch came on the power play - and they hit the post twice. And in other league news, a new businessman has joined the bidding for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He says he may move them to Hartford. It was a shame when the Whalers moved to Carolina (and we lost a top-five logo, too); I wonder if the league (and owner Peter Karmanos) would let the Penguins take over the Whaler name, the way the NFL created the new Cleveland Browns?

* And that's that. Back to the grind.

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