Friday, August 01, 2008

My Tune-up and Oil Change @ the VA

First, I dragged myself into the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital @ 6:30 am to get my blood drawn. And after that, I went up to the second floor canteen and gorged myself after fasting for 12 hours.

Two hours later I had my meeting with the pharmacist. The diabetes clinic does not have a permanent office. Normally it is in a cramped space in the ER, but on Thursdays it moves over to the other side of the hospital. Thankfully I found this out in time to make it to my appointment.

The pharmacist reviewed my log book (one must test blood sugar and record the results), and was happy with my blood sugar level. I was told that this is the honeymoon period, that my body is responding well to the little insulin I use (5 units before bedtime). My blood sugar seemed to be low first thing in the morning, so I need to snack before bed and cut my intake of a diabetes drug called glipizide (only one pill a day instead of two).

I am taking ½ pill of a high blood pressure drug called lisinopril, which must be working because my BP was 106/61. Being caffeine-free since March helps.

In May my cholesterol was @ 126 (it needs to be under 100). No test for it was done yesterday, but I am taking gemfibrozil (2 pills a day) and simvastin (1/2 pill a day). Also per doctors orders I am taking 4000mg of fish oil a day.

The nutritionist couldn’t see me, which was good because I’m supposed to be on a diet (and I am trying to get some fruits and veggies in me) and I haven’t lost any weight. At 5’9” and 218 lbs I am a laundry bag with legs.

My A1c number was not available, but the pharmacist guessed that, per my log book it was around 7 or 8 (normal people are around 6). Which is down from 11.5 in May. And 17 in March.

There is a little concern about possible damage to my kidneys. I am supposed to call the doctor if my pee starts looking like Coca-Cola.

That’s it for the next two months. It looks like I am going to live to see the Rays in the World Series this year.

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