Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crist Staffers Jumping Ship..

...does the 18-point Rubio lead have anything to do with it?

In the latest sign of turbulence for Charlie Crist's wounded U.S. Senate bid, key staffers are starting to leave the campaign.

Political director Pablo Diaz, one of the first two staff members hired for the Senate campaign, is departing at the end of the month for "a new opportunity." Sean Doughtie, a well-regarded new media consultant who had worked with Crist for years, stopped working for the campaign at the end of January.

"The campaign was going in a different direction," said Doughtie.

Meanwhile, a poll released Monday pointed to Crist's dire position six months before the Republican primary: Rubio was leading Crist by 18 percentage points — 54 percent to 36 percent — among likely Republican primary voters, according to a Feb. 18 Rasmussen Reports poll with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

One chance Charlie has: Ray Sansom, Former Florida House Speaker and Rubio's budget director when Marco was speaker resigned from the Florida House yesterday hours before an ethics committee was going to look into his financial shenanigans. Crist is calling for Rubio to release all communications he has had with Sansom.

I wish Charlie luck. The way I feel right now Marco could be a Satan worshipper and still get my vote.

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