Saturday, February 13, 2010

Now this sounds familiar

A Republican pretending to be a conservative to try and win a primary.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain has undergone a transformation on significant issues since the failure of his presidential campaign, particularly since he has faced a challenge from a conservative rival in his Senate re-election campaign.

The AP lists some of McCain's flip flops as he tries to do his best Charlie Crist impersonation.

One thing for which I can thank McCain is that his presidential campaign smoked out those radio talkers who are not independently conservative but shills for the GOP. Liberals would accuse conservative talkers of being hacks for the party and in some cases they would be right. During the presidential campaign McCain would only go on radio shows that gave his campaign full-throated support. That list includes Hugh Hewitt, Bill Bennett and the biggest GOP shill/McCainkisser of them all Michael Medved. McCain may have had the courage to stand up to the North Vietnamese but lacked the guts to go on Rush Limbaugh during the presidential campaign.

For the good of the party McCain has to go. If McCain gets re-elected, it will embolden McCain acolytes like Crist, Lindsay Gramnesty, Mike Huckabee and by his own admission, Scott Brown. And if a Republican becomes president in 2012, McCain will go back to his old tricks of being the "maverick" of his party, advocating cap-and-trade, amnesty, and ripping conservatives while getting his fanny kissed by Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show.

Yes, the Sisko is angry.

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