Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl quick hits

So this is what the feminazis were wetting themselves over?

I knew the Saints had this when they went onside to start the second half and got the ball. That took kugeln.

The Saints became the first team to lose to the Buccaneers and win the Super Bowl in the same season.
Does Sean Payton look like country singer Kenny Chesney?

Confession: Thirty years ago I owned a Tshirt that said, "I'd Walk Over You To See The Who".

additions from the 'fly - True story: at the end of the first quarter I asked everyone at our Super Bowl bash, "What are the odds that they blow this lead the way the Broncos coughed it up against the Redskins?"

I thought the goal-line stand would be the key sequence in the game.  Instead the key sequence came when the Saints held the Colts to three-and-out, forced the punt, and kicked the field goal at the end of the half.  Had they kicked the short field goal instead, they would have been giving the Colts the ball back at the 25 or so with two timeouts and 1:35 or so on the clock - in other words, they may have been looking at 17-6 instead of 10-6 at the half.  And then with the onside kick they were saying pretty clearly that they weren't rolling over in awe of Indy.

Halftime - Is it really that hard to get a current act to do this?  Was Jimi Hendrix too dead to return their calls?  The Who were doing farewell tours back when the NFL had TWO franchises in Los Angeles.  Sure, the music sounded all right, but when you've got a full backing band of young folks you don't need Townsend to do all that much - except hit the notes during his measly three lines in Baba O'Reilly.  Couldn't even do that.  And of course Daltry didn't even try to go above middle C, if that.  It was pretty rough.  At this point I'd rather see Doctor Who do the halftime show, at least they get a new one of him every five years.

Pick Six!  And the best part of it was the return of the Classic Manning Face.  It's amazing.  None of us doubted for a second that the Colts were tying the game: that's how clutch Peyton's been since finally defeating the Patriots in the playoffs in 2005.  That INT may have been the worst pass he's thrown in five years.  Are we sure that Brett Favre didn't sneak onto the field in a Manning jersey for that play?  Manning was bright red - it was like he'd gone to Miami Beach at halftime and gotten sunburned.  Incredible turn of events.

Huge party on Bourbon Street after the final gun.  I wonder if they even knew the score, or if they'd just been partying since Thursday.

Overall, one of the better games, especially after the early deficit where it looked as if New Orleans had started Mardi Gras early.  Things really picked up after that.

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