Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, McCain's re-elected

His opponent panders to birthers.

Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who on Monday officially entered Arizona's Republican race against Sen. John McCain, defended his recent call for President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, suggesting his questions stem not from conspiracy theories that Obama was really born in Kenya but from concerns about identity theft

The one chance we have of ridding the GOP of the disease of McCainism, and we get this guy. Earlier Hayworth had called for Obama to release his long form certificate. Now that he is a candidate he has to walk back on that. So he comes up with this lame identy theft cover.

Hayworth is either a birther or worse, feels he needs to pander to them.

We'll never get rid of McCain. If you're in the Senate at 70 the only way you leave is by death. Robert Byrd has been in the Senate longewr than I have been alive. Now on his deathbed he nstiull won't give it up.

McCain is saying the right things now. But as soon as there's a Republican in the White House he will be on the TODAY show badmouthing his party and getting his toes licked my Meredith Viera.


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