Thursday, December 01, 2005

Are you listening, Mr. Bettman?

Remember my clear, logical proposal for fixing the NHL standings? Remember "three for a win, one for a tie, nothing for a loss"? I am not alone. Click here and scroll down to the New York Rangers entry, and read what a Mr. Jaromir Jagr has to say.

And yes, I do realize that I've actually praised a Ranger. Billy Smith is on his way over to the Hive to crack my ankles with his goalie stick, but right is right, and the Jagrmeister is right.

(Speaking of which - why doesn't anyone come up with great sports nicknames anymore? Hell, LaDanian Tomlinson stole LT's nickname outright and only the Sports Guy noticed. It's not hard. The best I ever saw in person was the guy who ran our old league in South Plainfield - he gave us Factory Phil, Iceman, Killer Kowalski, and the GOATS!)

The funny thing is that in general, most of the people who didn't like it were the keepers. Detroit's Manny Legace just lost the Stanley Cup for the Red Wings with this plonker: "It puts too much pressure on the goalie." Sir, you are supposed to want the game to rely on your next save - unless, of course, you know you're going to crap the bed when the moment comes. Detroit may agree with you, since you've started all of four playoff games in your career.

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