Thursday, December 22, 2005

One if by land, two if by sea

Earlier in the year, some enterprising dolts were busted for running a mobile brothel just outside of Tampa's Raymond James Stadium. (Everyone stopped to stare at your technicolor motorhome...) The big break for the police in this case came when the proprietors handed out their flyers to some undercover cops.

This came a few weeks after a bunch of the Minnesota Vikings went on, *ahem*, a three-hour tour, leading to eventual criminal charges against four players (three of them former Pro Bowlers: Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie, and Fred Smoot).

Now, there's a slender chance that both of these clubs could make the playoffs this year. I hear that Tara Reid will sing the national anthem while wearing Janet Jackson's wardrobe.

One of them will almost certainly play the Carolina Panthers, who sacked two of their cheerleaders after allegations of mutual pom-pom shaking in a locked bathroom stall. Currently this is under dispute, with the accused saying that one of the two were drunk and the other was simply helping her ride it out. This is bad enough, since the drunken lass was under the legal limit for such activity. Before she made her statement, the original suspicions led to one of the best lines ever heard on HBO, when Cris Carter of "Inside the NFL" said, apparently seriously, that they wouldn't have needed each other if they were permitted to fraternise with the players.

Now, who was it who called this the "No Fun League"?

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