Saturday, December 24, 2005

Winner of the caption contest

It was a good contest, especially for a first time - 16 entries. High quality stuff, too. You guys are the best!

3rd place -
Janet: "New scientologist and newly pregnant, Katie Holmes attempts to be the first woman to give birth, through her mouth." (But no drugs, mind you. Scientologists are already wacked.)
2nd place -
Hoodlumman: "Xenu demands birthday wishes!" Almost made me lose my coffee, that one. Welcome to the Hive!

And our winner - WunderKraut! "No, no, no... the probe goes in the other end!"

Thanks to everyone for their lively entries. Wunder, you shall be getting a prize once I return from my holiday revels. The next post you see in this site will be December 28th. For the moment, here is a little something for you all!

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