Monday, December 19, 2005

Sundries Four

Faded photograhs
Covered now in lines and creases...

Oh, sorry. Sundries IV. Onward to the content:

1. I like Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback. (I actually passed up a solid chance to meet Peter King one-on-one: he walked into the lobby of my workplace less than a first down from where I was standing. I decided that I didn't want to be a huge geek. Should have been.) It hurts to take issue with one of his assertions, but one of his passing thoughts in today's column crossed me up: "When will someone realize Isiah Thomas actually doesn't know what he's doing? I mean, what positive non-playing thing has this man ever, ever done in pro basketball?" Actually, ESPN's mighty Bill Simmons uses it as a running gag in his own columns, once suggesting that a network run an "Anti-Apprentice" in which Isiah takes a series of small businesses and plows them into the side of a mountain.

Part of me says that's editors may not have liked his mentioning the Distinguished Opposition, but a second part sees Simmons mention King by name more than once, and a third part suspects that they probably communicate via email every once in a while, professionally. Meanwhile, the first part keeps reading and sees him mention ESPN just two items down from Isiah, and starts to agree with the rest of me. (It's this page. Isiah is item 10-b, ESPN is 10-d.) To end on a positive, though, I liked King's take in item eight, the Rhoden essay in the Times. It definitely doesn't jibe with reality. Maybe he can get together with J Whyatt Mondesire and hold a symposium?

update - this thing got away from me. Seven items, some of them longish... Not a sundries, by any means, so I decided that a few of these would get their own posts, which occupy the next three entries.

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