Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bill Simmons' next column

I mean, not to step on his toes or anything, but "Knicks near deal for Steve Francis" kind of jumps out at you.

Isiah Thomas just may be the worst GM I've ever seen, in any sport - and I watched Don Maloney trade Pierre Turgeon for Kirk Muller, followed by nine years of Mike Milbury. Considering his health problems, Larry Brown is lucky that this season hasn't killed him yet.

Putting Francis on the same court as Stephon Marbury is sort of like tasting some Chinese food, saying, "Wow, that's salty," and then adding soy sauce and MSG. Why not bring in Jason Williams and play them all at once - I mean, if one shoot-first point guard is so good that you want two, then three must be fantastic, right? They'll have to treat the court like a prison yard and check people for shivs before letting them play.

It has the makings of the best fight at Madison Square Garden since Ali-Frazier I - unless Brown decks Isiah first.

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