Thursday, February 09, 2006


Of course, it's late in the game to talk about the game, or the commercials, but was this a crummy Super Bowl or what? There were maybe five great plays total, and mostly lousy commercials. I got sick of that ESPN Mobile thing right quick. Monster's "Working with jackasses" was funny. "Magic Fridge" was cool, but it came so soon. Budweiser then pulled a Roethlisburger and tossed a huge INT with the "Grizzly Beer" ad, such a tasteless riff on Grizzly Man that I left the room.

The MI:3 ad was also funny, but unintentionally so, and in a way I didn't immediately notice. At first all I noticed was not one but two Tom Cruise Running Scenes (he's kicking this one up a notch!). And of course, there's Philip Seymour Hoffman absolutely blasting him off the screen in six seconds - the very beginning, where Tom is making the I'm So Intense It's Scary Face, Philip actually is intense. The contrast is so amazing that I laughed on the spot, without asking an important question - if this clip makes the headliner look bad, why is it the trailer they premiered on Super Bowl Sunday in front of 100 million people?

Then I saw it again last night and it hit me - I listened to Philip's little spiel to Cruise: "I'll find your wife, and I'm going to hurt her...and then I'm going to kill you in front of her."

Now, movies are in production for a long time before they hit the screen, so the plot is one thing, but the trailer? Dollars to donuts that Tom's feeling a mite spooked by all the negative attention bearing down on his crummy little cult and especially his kidnapping and brainwashing of Katie Holmes. That trailer is his answer - "They're after me and Katie! How dare they!" I half-expect Ethan Hunt to tell Hoffman not to be glib.

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