Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You're the best....around!

Mr. Snitch's labor of love is completed! Behold...


They are many, varied, and will give you hours of enjoyment. Some are from friends you'll see in my Pantheon to the right, though I don't think any of my own posts are there. I didn't submit anything of my own, to be honest; going through my 250 (at the time) was a challenge I had no leisure for. That Mr. Snitch did it for a heaping hunk of the Wild Wild Web* is astonishing, and deserves king-sized kudos.

Lacking those, I've decided to contribute by sponsoring an ongoing effort to keep 2006's best posts...


This new button will sit with the 2005 button at the top of the table. If you see something worth remembering, click it through to the man, won't you? And consider buying the book! (It goes well with milk and cookies, apparently...)

*credit (as far as I know) goes to Sheila for this phrase. If there are earlier cites please let me know!

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