Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's getting misty in the Hive

Again, it is demonstrated that I have great readers and commenters, whom I am pleased to consider friends. It's not just approaching 6,000 visits since August '05. It's not even the gracious replies to my soul-searching posts. In fact, I almost feel like I should apologize for their increasing occurence, except that it would undercut the point, which is simple: I'm posting them. I wouldn't do it in a professional context. But I do it here precisely because I feel that I am among friends, even in a public forum. The danger is a string of ungracious email and commenting in reply from strangers, which I am willing to risk because of the kindness shown by all of you.

Could be that I have the answer I was looking for a few spots down. Blogging is very like a conversation at a bar or at a large party. People jump from group to group freely. Sometimes they don't like what they've heard and they barge in and make themselves a nuisance; sometimes they try the whole lampshade dancing routine and get themselves tossed out. There are diversions, tangents, jokes, and non-sequitors. In short, the conversation moves forward.

The best thing is that station, class, creed, and whatnot aren't restrictive. You and I are each free as the sunlight on the water. Bring your perspective, your humor, your huddled pensives yearning to think free - banter, badger, quip, and parry; raise questions, raise Cain, raise a glass and make a toast.

\~~~/ .. May the roof above never fall in
.\_/. .. And the friends below never fall out


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