Monday, February 27, 2006

They say that it goes in threes

McCloud has joined his fellow deputy in the Precinct House in the Sky.

And for those of us in the sci-fi consumption market, sad news from outer space, via Sluggo: Andreas Katsulas has passed. Out there he was G'Kar or Tomalak, depending on your favorite flavor of space opera; on Earth he played the one-armed man vs. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive.

That other thing with Scott Bakula? It never happened.

**Full Circle Dept: the Star Trek website also notes the passing of Paul Carr, who played the short-lived Lt. Kelso on the original Star Trek. Like Katsulas, he died of lung cancer. And his long list of TV credits includes acting in Gunsmoke, opposite Dennis Weaver.

****Holy (gun) Smokes Dept: Carr's last credit. The good ones keep on working, don't they?

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