Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Someone got the memo

update - 8 Feb, 2006, 7:30 pm - you know, the more I think about it, the more I read it, and the more I read it, the more tasteless the intro sounds. It wasn't what I meant at all, so I've changed it to reflect what I do, in fact, mean. Sorry.

It turns out that somebody's lurking in the Hive, but not necessarily the best sort of company. Remember Friday's suggestion that one ought to match cartoons with cartoons? Well, lookie here:
Iran's largest selling newspaper announced today it was holding a contest on cartoons of the Holocaust in response to the publishing in European papers of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. "It will be an international cartoon contest about the Holocaust," said Farid Mortazavi, the graphics editor for Hamshahri newspaper - which is published by Teheran's conservative municipality.

One needs to pass the time before nuking Israel, anyway. But, alas, there's always a problem.
Iran's fiercely anti-Israeli regime is supportive of so-called Holocaust revisionist historians, who maintain the systematic slaughter by the Nazis of mainland Europe's Jews as well as other groups during World War II has been either invented or exaggerated.
Um, Farid? How am I supposed to make fun of something that didn't happen?

Use your imagination, Ali.

Imagination?!? BLASPHEMER!

And wouldn't that be some lead? "Teheran (AP) - The offices of the newspaper Hamshahri were firebombed yesterday in response to calls from its graphics editor to make graven images of the hated Jews."

Well, OK, two problems - "so-called Holocaust revisionist historians." Let's see, they dispute the Holocaust and seek to rewrite the historical record. What else would you so call that, besides revisionist - at least, what else would you call it that I can repeat in public?
Mr Blair also said Mr Ahmadinejad "should come and see the evidence of the Holocaust himself in the countries of Europe", to which Iran responded by saying it was willing to send a team of "independent investigators".
"Independent investigators." OK, you got me, that's another term. However, it's not the most accurate term, considering that the Mr. Ahmadinejad's definition of 'independent' is 'please me or I shoot you and your family.'

Come to think of it, that makes three problems. Iran's reading my blog? Hell damn crap.

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