Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Musical Monday

Again, not really Monday, but there was a little something else going on that day. My inspiration is every story told me by friends with rampaging nephews.

Your story's sad to tell
A preschool ne'er-do-well
Most juvenile delinquent in the school
You're barely turning four now
You should have learned before now
No babysitter wants to be your fool

Nursery school dropout
No more arts and crafts for you
Nursery school dropout
Broke all the crayons and ate the glue
Well you could at least take potty breaks
Without all that complaining
After all the trouble your folks had
To get you toilet training!

Better get moving
Why throw a tantrum on the floor
What are you proving?
You're not a toddler anymore!
You have to learn to take your turn, it's better to play fair
Clean out your cubby hole and go back to day care

Nursery school dropout
Wiping your nose on teacher's shirt
Nursery school dropout
Playing with food and eating dirt
Well they try to teach the alphabet
But you laugh and rip the pages
And you pick on all your classmates
But at least they act their ages!

We can forgive it
If you just get yourself in line
Better get with it
It's almost kindergarten time
Your lips are curled, your bangs are twirled
But still your teachers stare
Wipe off that angel face and go back to day care

Baby, don't blow it
This misbehavior is a shame
Baby, you know it
Even Doc Dobson would say the same!
Now I've called your dad, quit being bad, you'd better toe the line
Or you'll be going into Time Out 'til bedtime

Nursery school dropout...
Go back to day care!
Nursery school dropout...
Go back to day care!

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