Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's nothing wrong with your computer - it's only a Barking Spider

The Nightfly has graciously gave me permission to post on his blog. He has a real life (which just got a lot realer) and both of us found it hard to post as much as we should. So I am the Hamburger Helper of the Hive.

I first met the Nightfly seventeen years ago in dorm at Rutgers University. I was a 30-year-old sophomore (I was in the Air Force before RU) and it was the day before the freshman Nightfly's 17th birthday. I was the dorm daddy shepherding about 30 young skulls full of mush. The Nightfly's Mom had a little separation anxiety, and was able to leave after I promised that I would watch over the young fly.

Quick aside: On the same weekend of Freshman Brainwash- - I mean Orientation, the Nightfly's roommate asked me where the local Catholic Church was. I had no idea. In dorm daddy school I learned what to do if someone was hooked on booze or drugs, or got pregnant or was suicidal or gay (or hooked on booze AND gay AND pregnant), but the leaders of dorm daddy school never thought that some new students would want to hook up with the Lord instead of each other. But I digress.

As you all know, the Nightfly is a pretty solid Catholic guy; sociologists would call him a John Paul II Catholic. I am probably best described as an evangelical Christian guy - I come from the spritual awakening that was going through the military in the '80's. I also found that Jesus of Nazareth was the only way I was keeping sober.

(I know what your thinking: "I was all messed up on booze till I found the Lord, now I'm all messed up on the Lord.")

But part of JPII's legacy was evident at RU back then. The Catholic guys and the evangelical guys hung out together - this is something that JPII encouraged. And that continues today.
I have lived in Tampa for the last ten years. Posts from me will be mostly, political, current events and religious items. This is probably the most I've wrote about myself in a post.

I write in italics so you know it's me and not the Nightfly posting.

More later.

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