Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh, OK

If Emily won't wait until Friday, then neither will I.

Yesterday at lunchtime, WCBS-NY spent four full minutes of their midday news broadcast on Katie Couric's impending first broadcast as the evening news anchor. Luckily I was still cooking my soup, or I would have hurled.

It's bad times when you mistake your news team for the actual news. Since the term for a better job is "promotion," that's what you should be doing - in ads, which is where such things belong. It's bush league to interview your own anchor and run excerpts on your news program. In a city of eight million people, you couldn't find any plucky animal rescues or community activists making a difference?

It's been a many a long, cold, lonely day since Ed Murrow and Walt Cronkite sat in that chair. Since then we got three new broadcast networks, several 24/7 news stations on cable, that Internet thing your boy Algore invented, and about 1.21 jigablogs. Nobody cares.

Thank you, and good night.

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