Monday, September 25, 2006

Musical Monday

Back in college, the Barking Spider would tease me with stuff like, "Hey! Mike just discovered a hot new band called SUPERTRAMP." There are certain exceptions such as the Anderson Council, but I'm old before my time.

This hasn't changed much, as you can tell from last week's installment. My first impulse is still the retro racks. There are three major sources of new stuff in my little musical world:
  1. Old bands with new records
  2. Soundtracks
  3. Video games
Is this reputable? Am I playing it too safe? I already know that I enjoy Steely Dan or U2, so it's not like it's a challenge to pick up their next album; I've already heard the soundtrack stuff when I saw the show; and the main draw of the game is the play, not whatever interesting stuff they've licensed.

For me, it's about enjoying what I listen to. I'm not much of one to go get a disc because it's an important release or an essential classic album. It's not such a bad deal, really. And the odd chances that get me to a new band are well worth it - I got to see the Anderson Council for the first time live from the bassist's backyard, thanks to an in from Dawn Eden. (The guys remembered the happy mouth, too. I'm touched.)

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